West Coast Chopper


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  • CFL I frame with 38 degrees of rake and 2” of downtube stretch
  • Flathead 95 cubic inches engine
  • Baker 6-speed gearbox
  • 3” BDL belt drive with bearing support
  • Performance Machines controls, Contour Series
  • Performance Machines brakes
  • WCC fenders, Oilbag and Gastank
  • WCC handlebar and WCC risers

Stage 2:

This bike is currently registered, tagged, titled and located in the UK. If you are located in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium, contact us for more info on shipping, transferring the registration and so forth.

Out of stock

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We are extremely excited about the purchase of this bike. Can you say: Mother Fuc&^#$! West Coast Choppers!!! Holy shit, what a nice bike! We may not even sell this beauty if we don’t have to.

Let’s be honest, it’s not every day you can buy a Long Beach build West Coast Chopper. Many have tried to duplicate Jesse James style, but most fail. Even when they buy his frame and parts. Jesse James, the absolute King of the modern super high quality chopper. He still takes wanne-be builders to school, and has done so for many years. Jesse, who calls himself a glorified welder, took the same precision common in high-spec race cars and airplanes to fabricate righteous works of two-wheeled art. But don’t be mistaken, you can ride the shit out of these bikes, and kill some highway and city miles in style!



CFL I frame with 38 degrees of rake and 2” of downtube stretch


Flathead 95 cubic inch


Baker 6-speed, 3” BDL belt drive with bearing support


Performance Machines 21” (front) and 8”x200 (rear)


Performance Machines, Contour Series


Performance Machines

Sheet Metal:

WCC fenders, Oilbag and Gastank
WCC handlebar, WCC risers


House of Kolor Custom Paint (WCC in House)

To many special parts to mention. Just look at the high-res pictures and decide for yourself. Follow the import of this bike as it progresses.


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