The Illusion


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  • Maker: Illusion Cycles, by Rusty Coones
  • 120 cubic inches Jims Motor
  • Speedline Custom carb with a Screaming Eagly Breather kit
  • Dual Fire Spike Ignition
  • Paul Yaffe X-pipes
  • Jims – S&S 6 speed transmission
  • Paul Yaffe Newstalgic frame


Stage 2:

This bike is currently registered, tagged, titled and located in the UK.

If you are located in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium, contact us for more info on shipping, transferring the registration and so forth.

1 in stock



Have you guys seen the show “Sons of Anarchy”? Have you seen that guy that looks like he can wrestle a grizzly with one had? That’s Rusty Coones, founder of Illusion Cycles. Even though he has a part in the show, he will be the first to knock you think you can just rock a back patch. Respect MC’s, and if you want to wear a patch, try to become a member. Only tv-stars and members can get away with that. We bought this bike before the show ever aired because we just love the looks of this bike. Even though Rusty is responsible for the build, credits go to Paul Yaffe for the frame and stance of this bike. Besides the fender, tank and pipes that is. As this is a 120” inch Jims Twin Cam Engine, it will snap your neck when you are a bit liberal with the acceleration. This bike required a little modification (indicators, horn,etc) to get it EU approved, but is now fully registered. Let the pictures do the talking. Wanna buy? Got money? Make and offer, because we are not selling this without a fight. It’s one of our personal bikes.



Maker: Illusion Cycles

Type: Hardtail Oldschool

Fabricator: Rusty Coones


Type: Jims Motor

Size: 120 cubic inches

Carb: Speedline Custom with a Screaming Eagly Breather kit

Ignition:Dual Fire Spike Ignition

Exhaust: Paul Yaffe X-pipes


Type: Jims – S&S 6 speed


Type: Paul Yaffe (Newstalgic)

Rake: 38

Stretch: 4

Swingarm: Hardtail

Forks: Paughco

Wheels,Tires and Brakes


Front: Ride Wright Wheel 18×8.5 Stainless with 80 spokes

Rear: Ride Wright Wheel 21×2.15 Stainless with 80 spokes


Front: Metzler 240/40/18

Rear: Metzler 180/40/18


Front: Performance Machines

Rear: Exile Sprotor


Molding:Illusion Cycles

Painter: Jim Bar

Color(s): Black, Machined Gold Plated

Graphics: Pine Stripe – Jim Bar


Bars: Paul Yaffe Monkey Bars

Hand Controls: Performance Machines

Headlights: Head Winds

Taillight: Easy Rider

Electrical: Spike Ignition

Fuel Tank: Modified Yaffe Sportster Tank

Oil Tank: Paul Yaffe

Rear Fender: Paul Yaffe, Fatty 10.5”

Pegs: Performance Machines

Foot Controls: Performance Machines

Seat: Hand Tooled Illusion Cycles


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