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  • Kali Kruiser 2, build by Rooke Customs
  • RevTech 100 cubic inches engine
  • Mikuni carb
  • RSD 6 speed wontoch transmission
  • Frame/Suspension
  • ʼ06 Nanna Progressive fork

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Jesse Rooke is a world renowned custom builder/design visionary who got his start in the industry building trend setting “one off” motorcycles for everyone from the hardcore enthusiast to the biggest names in Hollywood. With a reputation for crafting distinctive head-turning designs and ultra fast build times, Rooke is one of the most sought out custom builders in the industry today. His bikes combine old-school elements with modern technology. We are very happy to have one of his bikes, as they are incredibly hard to come by and you need a fat wallet to get one. This particular bike was fabricated for the Skate Brand DVS and used on exhibitions. It had only done a few miles on parking lots from, the trailer to the exhibition stand. We put quite a few summer miles on them and absolutely love the looks of this bike. But see for yourself. You may have seen this guy on the Build-Off specials on discovery, but if you havent, and want to learn more about him, visit his site.


Maker: Rooke Customs

Type: Kali Kruiser 2

Fabricator: Jesse Rooke


Type: RevTech

Size: 100 cubic inches

Carb: Mikuni

Ignition: Engenuity


Type: RSD 6 speed Wontoch


Type: Kali Kruiser 2

Rake: 38 degrees

Stretch: 3 Inches

Swingarm: Hardtail

Forks: ʼ06 Nanna Progressive

Wheels,Tires and Brakes


Front: Performance Machines “seven” 21×3.5-inch

Rear: Performance Machines “seven” 18×8.5-inch


Front: Dunlop 90/90×21

Rear: Dunlop 250


Front: Performance Machines

Rear: Performance Machines


Molding:Buck Wild

Painter: Buck Wild

Color(s): Candy Red with Custom Logoʼs

Graphics: Buck Wild

Chrome: Anotec

Powder Coating: Specialized Coatings


Bars: Rooke Customs

Hand Controls: Performance Machines

Headlights: CCI

Taillight: Lazer Star

Electrical: Toddʼs Cycle

Fuel Tank: Rooke Customs

Oil Tank: Rooke Customs

Rear Fender: Customs

Pegs: Performance Machines

Foot Controls: Performance Machines

Seat: Toddʼs Cycles/Danny Gray


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