Mr. D

This grey gorilla is a military intelligence officer by trade, battlefield tempered, who has embraced the chopper as if he has been riding one since he was in diapers. As a true Macgyver, with his Leatherman tool there are few things he can’t fix on the road. Within El Lobo Cycles, Mr. D. is mostly responsible for the modifications to have bikes comply with European regulations. He is also the contact person for all European based customers. If you need to talk to this guy, drop him a line at

Dr. J

Even though he is fully trained trauma surgeon, who founded and runs a medical development company, within a heartbeat he would trade all of this in for a custom bike shop with a BBQ joint in the back. Dr. J  is responsible for the US connections, communications, the actual purchases, transport to Europe and he tries to carve out enough time to build or modify at least  2-3 bikes a year. You wanna drop him a line, use