Welcome to El Lobo Cycles

Our mission

It is our mission to have more kick-ass custom choppers, bobbers and Harleys tearing up the roads in Europe. The bikes we import are already chopped or modified, but otherwise we take care of this. All have pedigree!! We try to keep our blog fresh with news from our own projects and from other bike-nuts around the globe….However, you may also find stuff on BBQ, tattoos, music and other passions here. Enjoy!

Our process in a Nutshell

In the import section of this website you find a more detailed explanation of our import process, but it’s pretty straight forward. We buy bikes we like in the US. From that moment on they start go through the different stages of our importation process. As a customer you can be as involved as you choose to be. It stands to reason that the sooner you do this, the cheaper the bike. Shoot us an email if you have any questions.


One of the exiting new options we offer is a chance for you to buy the bike of your dreams in the US and ride it around before it gets shipped. We offer help in getting you and the bike insured and will consult on the importation of your bike, but you stay in total control. Excellent for friends or fathers and sons/daughters for a once in a life time experience. See our import section for more info and drop us a line.