El Lobo Cycles Copdock

Full-service motorbike shop based in the outskirts of Ipswich, specialised in building custom motorbikes from the ground up. We also fabricate unique parts, provide servicing, and we modify Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles. A one-stop motorcycle shop in Copdock, Suffolk.

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El Lobo Custom parts

In the abundance of after-market parts, there is still a need for exclusive and high quality parts to make a custom bike stand-out. We are fortunate enough to have the skill-set in our shop to design and manufacture some unique parts. Going from design, 3D print, trial-fit to final manufacturing means we can take parts from idea to final product, without compromising on quality and fit.

Custom Bikes

Form and function should not compete on custom motorcycles. It’s useless to have a bike that looks good but handles poorly. At the same time, a great riding chopper should also turn heads. Great bike- builders before us figured this out, so we stand on their shoulders. We build bikes to be an extension of the rider. 




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